byf I change my layout and dn a lot, my interests change a lot , ia often, i’m not really on any side of twt I just tweet abt what I like at the moment, tell me if you need any tws/cws or tone indicators
dni if u fit the basic dfi criteria, -13 or +25, pro-shipper, anti my favs, mcytwt, stan problematic people, you’re just a weirdo in general
interests anything horror, scream, mcu, doctor sleep, birds of prey, shazam, fear street, spiderman films, IT, star wars, the karate kid, deadly class, my babysitter’s a vampire, euphoria, cobra kai, the babysitters club, titans, the umbrella academy, runaways, rebelde, childs play, bridgerton
main/priv acc, hablo de mi vida personal, intereses, amigos etc, no kpop related, not spoiler free, no necesito tws ni uso tone indicators o doble espacio al escribir pero si tu los necesitas avísame, sb en vez de unf


Pink Cherry